Wednesday, January 31, 2018

looks like a mighty fine boat, but... how are you going to feel safe driving that? Will the brakes have any effect before they oevrheat?

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  1. Buddy has a '72 Chrysler New Yorker sedan, and a coupe but we will stick with the sedan, with a 440 in it. He wants to upgrade the suspension so he can put a hitch on it, as it has more power and breaking than his '90 Dodge Cummins powered 350 4x4.

    Although the trailer seems to have a downward pitch to it, the car looks level, so the tongue weight is good...

    My folks use to haul a boat, 5 tons with trailer, with a square box 1 ton Chevy, 6.2 diesel, standard cab, standard rear end, but added lug extensions to make it a dually. It was quite the thing going down the road. Sorta looked like this photo.. After a few trips, the found that they had to play the water and fuel for a more balanced ride. Once to their destination they would fill the fuel.
    The brakes did go on the truck once, but while they were backing it in the water...