Sunday, January 21, 2018

What was the first cross Canada motor car trip? Was it the 1917 Champion Spark Plugs of Canada marketing drive? or the 1912 Halifax to Victoria REO drive

Charles A. Speers Cal. A Evans made the first trip across Canada by motor car, and beyond the expected early years cross country problems of roads, weather, lack or repair parts and fuel, had to overcome crossing the Canadian Rockies

the left the company office in Windsor on May 25 1917 and reached Vancouver on October 15th

In August of 1912, author Thomas W. Wilby and driver Jack Haney left Halifax in a Reo automobile on a historic coast-to-coast journey.

An automobile backed its wheels into the waters off Halifax. The two men aboard scooped up a flaskful of Atlantic water. And with the yell "All on board for Vancouver!" they were away.

It was Aug. 27, 1912, and Thomas Wilby and Jack Haney were setting out to become the first motorists to cross Canada – quite a feat, considering that there were only 16 kilometres of paved road in the entire country.

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