Sunday, January 21, 2018

Channel Lock tools were so close to never happening, a clerk once took off with all the company money.

George B. DeArment was a blacksmith in Pennsylvania who began hand forging farrier's tools in 1886, creating a business named the Champion Bolt and Clipper Company.

 In 1893, the company faced financial ruin after a local bank teller left with the company's funds.

In 1904, the firm moved to new, larger facility in Meadville and added nippers, pinchers and open-end wrenches to its product line.

 George's two sons added hammers to the catalog and became partners in 1911

In 1927, the company became the Champion-DeArment Tool Company.

 In 1933, the tongue-and-groove slip-joint pliers were developed, and the trademark "Channellock" was registered in 1935.

As good ol Paul Harvey would say, "now you know the rest of the story"

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  1. My Mum and sister live in Meadville I'm 45 min's away and once got a tour of the plant, fantastic how they forge the tools with the giant hammer presses. I say best made tools in America. They are why any adjustable plyers are referred to as "Channel locks".