Thursday, January 25, 2018

many years ago I post a couple photos of one of these, and this is the only photo I've seen of this type of cannon since

the wheels on the front of the one completely in the photo are missing the Diplock Pedrail parts, and since it's been forever since I've posted about what Diplock Pedrail is,

Shas (thanks!) identified it, it's a WW1 Italian standard 305mm howitzer, mounted on a De Stefano chassis and rail system which helped with the recoil and eliminated the need to dig a hole for recoil clearance.

Designed in 1908 and built between 1914 and 1917, a total of 44 were built by Armstrong-Pozzuoli and Vickers-Terni.

here are the common images found around the internet for years

The barrel is seventeen feet long and it stands, ground to trunnion about 12 feet. Weight was around 34 tons!

the model makers do such a damn good job, I'm posting these images to show in great detail what these looked like

Update Mar 2018, those are not Diplock Pedrail, they are  ' Bonagente ' tracks and the cannon is an  Italian Army  Obice da 305 D.S.


  1. That's Obice da 305/17 D.S. heavy howitzer. Originally it was design as shore defense gun but they did put it on this rather unique carriage designed by working in Manifattura dell'Arsenale di Pozzuoli engineer(?) De Stefano for army use. So it is called the De Stefano carriage.

    Just drop in to uncle google the: Obice da 305/17 D.S. and it will give you more pictures with better view on pedrails.