Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Results are in for a comparison test of what is the better tool box drawer friction slide lube, beeswax, paraffin, or Door Ease

using equal lead weights, and 3 similar drawers in the same toolbox;

results; door ease is real easy to apply while I used a heat gun to help the paraffin and the bees wax. I noticed little drag on the beeswax but smelt the best when using heat to apply to slide. I notice very little to no difference between door ease and paraffin.

FYI, Doorease uses paraffin as a primary ingredient 

The Door Ease can be bought at hardware stores, or Amazon. About $8 to 10

The middle is paraffin and is cheap and can be found everywhere. That's half of the original bar and 3 come in a package.

The right is beeswax, again hardware stores

Results? paraffin probably the cheapest, easiest to find with about same results as the door ease.


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