Friday, January 26, 2018

Ever see the woodgrained metal parts in 1930s and 40s Packards? National Cash Register did that, and the process is an aquafilm thing that only one guy does now

Woodgrain by Estes uses a French process known as Gravure printing to put a woodgrain finish on parts like dashboards and window frames. Plates with various grain patterns on them are an important part of the system. Woodgrain by Estes has over 400 plates that originally belonged to National Cash Register Co.

Joe Goss, 2001 Charles St., Lafayette, IN 47904

(765) 490-5634

There is also Keith Payne of Old Dominion Oyster Restorations

Road and Track magazine April 2018 issue ahd a 3 page feature by Ken Gross on how they do this work

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