Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ford is now making baby cribs..... because those little noise makers seem to like going for car rides, so Ford created a baby crib that simulates driving conditions to put your baby right to sleep

Max Motor Dreams, a crib that mimics the experience of being on a car ride.

Ford knows that there are scores of infants that for some reason fall asleep more easily while being driven around in a car seat — often by exhausted parents. And while Ford probably wouldn't mind people putting more miles on their cars, it's that exhausted part that has them worried.

The crib contains LED lights that glow similarly to street lights, and has speakers at the bottom that can make muffled engine sounds for ambient noise. Naturally, it gently vibrates and rocks to mimic a ride in the backseat, and even comes with an app designed to track your car’s route so it can reproduce the movements from that drive for your baby.

Now babies will sleep at home the same way they sleep in a car. for more info

Thanks Burkey!


  1. Here's the absurd part...
    Ford made a prototype and gave it away.

    When buying a little family Ford in Spain, you got a ticket in the raffle. Since then Ford claims they are considering their production due to the amount of interest generated world wide.

    Although looking to be priced around $1500, I bet they sell like hot cakes.

    1. not absurd at all, 1st you concept, then prototype, then test the market, then build buzz, create an audience, drum up interest, and finally, start production when they want it enough to not question the price due to demand. Makes sense to me