Thursday, January 25, 2018

I posted this photo yesterday on facebook... in no time flat some woman was bitching about it, without thinking about it 1st, and I got the opportunity to craft a punchline about her sexist remark

This is the only advertising image I've ever seen with a map of the yoop. Remarkable


  1. Replies
    1. look at the map, what is that on the map? It's the yoop. Like the geechee gullah language, and other things you haven't heard of, parts of the USA have their own words, language, etc.
      The yoop is one of those things. Here's the explanation. The state of Michigan borders was something argued about when Ohio and Michigan were up for statehood, and to get Toledo for Ohio, senators were forced to bargain on the Wisconsin borders, and had to give up that part of Michigan that shares a border with Wisconsin.
      So, Ohio got Toledo and all it's manufacturing and taxes, and Michigan got, though didn't want or need, the upper penninsula which was then, and still is, very low populated and quite culturally different from the lower penninsula.
      Consider, the LP has the largest population of Iraqi people in the USA, and the UP has the largest population of Finnish people in the USA.
      The LP had the largest manufacturing of automobiles in the world, and cereals. The UP had not much of anything but snow, sometimes in the summer.
      Anyway, the UP /you-pee/ is affectionately known to it's natives as the yoop. UP = yoop.
      The LP and the UP have been connected by a architectural masterpiece, the Mackinac Bridge since the 60s, and since it's a north south bridge, the yoop is above the bridge, and the LP is below the bridge, on a map. Right? Well the people that live below the bridge are trolls.
      Now you're all caught up on Michigan nonsense.

  2. Google "Da Yoopers" song "Second Week of Deer Camp" for an intro to the UP1