Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What the actual fuck... brand new Ford F250s have a death wobble over 65, and the dealership guy STATES it's NOT designed for speeds over 65

What would you do if you purchased a new 2017 Ford F250, with a $90k price tag, and it shook violently?

Then you take it back to Autonation Ford of Littleton, where you purchased it and an Autonation employee tells you they can't fix it and it's not designed to go over 65mph and you should have bought and F150?

Truck bought brand new this year. He was very upset after phone call and went down to pick up and discuss and ended up cussing out the manager at Autonation.

Manager called cops he was removed from dealership.

This was on the Tom Martino Show on radio 630KHOW AM in Denver on Jan 5th 2018

skip the first minute to see what this looks like when seeing the truck from the outside


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  1. Another reason..at least for me to never purchase a Furd...Spark plugs blowing out..Brakes no brake....Sheesh!
    I've had 2, one was a '57 2dr. post..Overhead oilers?.Wish I still had that one..F250 P/U..got at a gov'ment auction with the trans in the bed..Washed it and sold it for $1,000 profit...Those were the days...