Saturday, December 23, 2017

I think you can probably look at these 4 photos, and tell what magazine they come from. But you probably don't know the name, or the story, of the photographer who took these, and created the new, higher level of hot rodding magazine, others have tried to match

Did you guess yet?

Steve Coonan. I'm surprised his name isn't as well known in current hot rod photography as Gewertz, Furman, Marjorham, Chen, and Jackson

The magazine is Rodders Journal, and I just read a cool article at Fuel about Steve Coonan that explains what it took to get from a guy working for other magazines, like American Rodder, Hot Rod, etc to creating the new best of the best car magazine, Rodders Journal in 1994

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  1. The style is unmistakable, I knew it was at least Rodders Journal from the first image. Steve does beautiful work.