Monday, December 18, 2017

What could you do with a railroad grade, once the tracks and ties are removed? Barry has a fantastic idea, why not make it a bike path across the state, or region, or even across country?

You could run a bull dozer down it, and smooth it... then pave it, and have a very straight, very level bike path for cross country bikers.


  1. Build trails across the country like this

    1. that is a fantastic idea! There isn't a bike path worth mentioning around or through the USA, and Canada's is only 1/2 finished, and 1/2 existing roads.

  2. The Fox River Trail in Northern Illinois, west of Chicago, covers 40 plus miles, most of it on repurposed interurban RR beds along the Fox River. Easily accessible and a beautiful ride along the entire length. Numerous times I have ridden along one of those very gradual uphill sections and offered silent praise to the long forgotten surveyor who laid out that RR line!