Friday, December 22, 2017


what the actual hell caused them to cut the seatbelt, and then try to sew it back together?

this actually happened

And at Porsche, your car gets a free wax, and so does your luggage

The spring in the wiper blade arm was worn out so the customer improvised with what look to be a rat trap spring.

DIY key repair


  1. I think the spring on the wiper arm is from a clothespin.

  2. The aluminum key fix looks pretty good, but the blob of resin with a quarter on it??? Huh? No telling with the seatbelt, that's not the sort of thing you can cut all the way through by accident. My first thought was the owner wanted it untangled, but then if you were that picky about a twisted seatbelt you probably wouldn't go for one held together with orange thread. Maybe they needed to remove a 3rd row seat and couldn't figure out how to unlatch the seatbelt. And the wheel? Let me guess, someone tried to loosen a lug nut with a torch.

    1. I was wondering about those too, and I think you got the right answers