Sunday, December 10, 2017

Coffee and donuts video of the morning, how manufacturing line workers are at the verge of getting exoskeletons to lower fatigue and increase stamina, and make work easier and less likely to cause repetitive strain injuries


  1. There is a misconception of what this equipment is. The Exoskeleton exist in our wordl mostly by the media like games, movies or books. It do create some vision, point of view of what it is. People often mistake "powered exoskeleton" with "passive exoskeleton" sometimes called "harness". As always the main problem is the power source, to work the true "power exoskeleton" need large amount of energy that in modern powersource/battery capability is enough only for short time of working. In factory you actually can have a power cables in workplace that will deliver a constant energy to the exo's. This example is more a harness, passive exo that deliver some relief, but it is not that "movie" version of exoskeleton. To mess things a little more, not everything that is called "exoskeleton" is an exoskeleton. But as always, lack of proper, small and portable powersource is an obstacle that can't be jump over.

    1. maybe there is a misconception, but this 9 minute video explains exactly what it is, what it does, and what it isn't. That's why I don't feel the need to type out an explantion about exoskeletons at all. The video did it for me