Thursday, October 12, 2017

the California wildfires have taken out entire neighborhoods, making them look like movie sets in some dystopian drama

notice the farthest left corner shows a large rolling toolbox, and station wagon inside what had been a garage, with the 55 Chev white station wagon outside

with so little left of the houses, it makes we wonder, what were they made of? Gas soaked cedar? In many garages you can still see the double stacked toolboxes, and tipped over water heaters, but there just isn't anything left of the stuff people had in their houses.

Santa Rosa is West of Sacramento, North of San Fransisco, and near Sonoma Valley, in the upper left of the below map


  1. I'm sure it doesn't matter, compared to all of the personal tragedies playing out, but I believe it's a '56!

    1. all tragedies aside, because you and I both know that while our sympathy is with all the people who are suddenly homeless, etc, there isn't a damn thing we can do about it. Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, and now California... I'm nothing more than a broke guy creating a distraction from the problems we are all having. And I was guessing at 55, it's probably more likely that you're right that it's a 56

    2. but what a facet of the tragic situation, that car guys like us lost it all, and here is what's left of their cars and garage. Which is why I posted just this about the fires