Thursday, October 12, 2017

a bus converted to be used as a tourist rail car, I suppose


  1. Railroads that needed to be "frugal", most often used these railbuses... They were used where demand for a full train, engine, and passenger car, whether it be a single full car or a combine (a car with a baggage compartment at one end, and passenger compartment at the other) could not be supported where you would need, a engineer, fireman, brakeman, and conductor.

    These railbuses often just had a motorman.

    They were cheaper to build, maintain and operate.

    One of the short lines that operated in the Adirondack Mountains of NY, The Grasse River Railroad, used a White Motor Truck bus.

    Some of the most famous are the Galloping "Geese" that the Rio Grande Southern used on their narrow gauge in Colorado...

    1. good point. I've posted many of them, including the Galloping Goose