Thursday, June 22, 2017

tip of the hat in recognition of the many accomplishments of Ron Kelly model a engine rebuilding

Ron Kelley completed his first Model "A" restoration in 1974.

In 1996, Jim Hampton won the Great Race (5000 miles) with a RK rebuilt engine. His RK engine was rebuilt and Dyno tested for comparison with a stock engine in 1994! It's 100% improvement in horsepower was documented in a magazine article the following year. The engine was still performing like a champion two years later!

In 1997, 1999 and 2005 Ron Kelley completed The Great Race with his own rebuilt Model "A" engines and in 2005, Greg Cunningham and his navigator won the Great Race driving a 1928 Model A Speedster with a RK rebuilt engine.

The ONLY Ford 4 cylinder to complete the 1997 Peking to Paris Road Rally (12,000) was a '32 engine rebuilt and prepared for the Prince of Malaysia by Ron Kelley.

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