Thursday, June 22, 2017

here's a new attack on red light cameras... in the situation where a city changed the law, to profit from the fines, and lower the amount of evidence needed "legally" to charge drivers

Phenix City, Alabama (can't Alabama people spell phoenix? Did they make a word up?) 
“For-profit entities cannot be afforded the ability to do the police’s job for them,” plaintiffs said in their complaint. “This practice amounts to an unlawful grant of police discretion to defendant Redflex, and the profits they obtained are ultimately gained through a blatantly unconstitutional practice, which has deprived plaintiffs and class members of their civil rights.”

The red light camera program kicked off in 2012, the same year, according to the plaintiffs, the city adopted the ordinance allowing a civil rather than criminal penalty to be levied against owners of vehicles found to have run a red light.

and now the powers that be in the state of California judicial system want to do the same thing with the laws, and make money. 


  1. Remember the post a few weeks ago about CA's plans to do the same? This is the result.

    1. that was on y mind. I was hammered for time though and couldn't get the whole thing put together at that time