Thursday, June 22, 2017

perfect 50s family cars? A Plymouth Suburban and 57 Safari. Only had 2 doors, and when kids couldn't accidentally open the doors, they weren't able to cause problems

Don't just take my word for it, I learned it from Jay Ward, " I also have a ’57 Pontiac Safari station wagon. That’s what we take the kids to school in, and it’s a family car because there are no back doors for the kids to fall out of!"


  1. The brown and white one in the pics is a 1953. My family went from So. Cal. to Canada and back in a 1950, three times. In '59 it gave it up and mom and dad bought a new Ranch Wagon.

  2. I don't remember the year, but we had a 1952 Chevy Woodie...We were going from Bellevue Wa. to Seattle..I may have been 6 and my sis is 2yrs younger..Anyways she somehow got the window seat in the back, and I was in the middle..At 50 mph she opened the door and was about to hit the highway..I have no idea how I did it and I pulled her back in...We are still good friends and I am visiting today in Ballard, Wa. I can see the need for a 2 door...Maybe not in a Nomad???

    1. holy shit scary moment, and wow, so glad you were right place, right time, with the right move to save her.
      Ever work the life saving thing a bit? You know, hey sis, since I saved your life can I have the last slice of cake? type of thing? Just for fun?

  3. That nice bworn is 1953 Suburban.