Wednesday, June 21, 2017

did anyone think that whole Fast And Furious trend was over a decade ago? Nope, now racers are loading up on go faster aero bolt ons and hitting Road Atlanta, and other tracks in a series called Global Time Attack

with all these dams, splitters, diffusers and wings I'd guess these owners must be getting past 120 mph

The Global Time Attack is comprised of a team of leaders in the tuner, time attack and traditional motorsports fields. The first North American time attack was back in 2004. (just after Fast and Furious)

Staffed by the crew chiefs from the early days of the Honda FWD drag movement and the event coordinators of the world’s most successful tuner magazine.

other tracks are Willow Springs,  just a couple weeks ago and coming up Auto Club Speedway in Fontana (Los Angeles)  on July 16th, and October 16th   and Button Willow in November 9th

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