Friday, June 23, 2017

LAPD not only has egg all over it's face for getting caught with it's pants down as cadets stole police cars, and joyrided for weeks, but this just in. . . HOW they got the cars? The equipment room officer gave the cars up in trade for sex with a 15 yr old girl cadet.

LAPD Ofcr. Robert Cain (31 years old),  10 years LAPD, and son of a LAPD officer, and now arrested by the chief of all LAPD himself, Chief Beck, for unlawful sex with a minor. (15 years old)

( THAT is statutory RAPE people. Tell me again why you respect cops? Didn't anyone learn from the rapes in the Rampart scandal? )

Then they found 100 weapons in his house, including modified assault rifles. Tell me something, how long does it take for the LAPD to access his registration files on weapons? 15 seconds if they type slow? So anyone want to take a guess how many he registered, and how many are either intrinsically illegal (AK47) or unregistered? Anyone want to guess if he is going to return for trial or disappear?

UPDATE June 27th- 3 dozen of the weapons are illegal

 Ironically, hypocritically, this piece of shit has videos on his facebook of what a hero he feels he is because he's a cop. He posted stuff about what victims cops are because so many random people shoot cops, and yet, he's a reason people hate cops, because he is one who is a criminal. (don't believe me? Ask the LAPD Chief, who just arrested this shitbag)

Chief Charlie Beck says Cain had a consensual (however, a girl this age cannot legally give consent) relationship with a 15-year-old girl, who's one of the cadets arrested for the stolen police cruiser incident last week. Bail is set at $75,000. (How fast can a corrupt pedophile cop get bail compared to a prostitute I wonder?)

The 15-year-old girl involved in the sexual relationship is one of seven cadets who have been arrested for stealing the patrol vehicles. Cain worked in the equipment room where police gear is checked out.

Now... how many underage teens has he raped the virginity of and paid in trade with police equipment? Use of the cars? Impounded drugs?

LAPD... not the first time complete corruption shows it's rotted face.

Former teen cadet (it was then called Explorers) now reporter, Gigi Graciette reports that before her time in the cadets, police were guilty of raping underage girl cadets and a scandal ensued, long forgotten, and of course, time proven to be repeated if history is not learned from.

Rampart, in the 90s, found 70 police officers either assigned to or associated with the Rampart CRASH unit guilty of some form of misconduct, making it one of the most widespread cases of documented police corruption in United States history.

As a result of the police corruption, perjury, and false evidence, 106 prior criminal convictions were overturned. The Rampart scandal resulted in more than 140 civil lawsuits against the city of Los Angeles, costing the city an estimated $125 million in settlements. But only 1/3rd of the implicated cops were fired, and only 2 went to jail.

As of 2014, the full extent of Rampart corruption is not known, and several rape, murder and robbery investigations involving Rampart officers remain unsolved. $722,000 of bank robbery money was kept by LAPD ofc David Mack after getting out of jail, and over 9 pounds of impounded cocaine went missing, lots of cocaine was switched with Bisquick. Seriously. You think anyone ever tests the impounded drugs to make sure they haven't been swapped with cheap grocery substitutes?

so, I'll repeat myself again, for your safety and ability to have evidence in court when arrested or abused by corrupt cops, record every interaction with police. It might keep you out of jail.

think it's an isolated case? Nope.

San Diego PD raping prostitutes.
Oakland PD,San Fran PD, Livermore and Richmond police departments, as well as the Alameda and Contra Costa county sheriff’s departments, raping an underage prostitute.

Oakland PD:  criminal charges against seven Bay Area law enforcement officers, the departure of Police Chief Sean Whent and discipline against several other Oakland officers. Investigators with the Alameda County district attorney’s office and the Richmond Police Department were also fired amid fallout from the scandal.

In January, former Oakland Police Officer Leroy Johnson pleaded no contest to failure to report sexual misconduct with a minor, according to Assistant Dist. Atty. Teresa Drenick. He was sentenced to three years’ probation and ordered to stay away from Jasmine, Drenick said. Retired Livermore Police Officer Dan Black pleaded no contest to solicitation of lewd conduct in February, according to Drenick. His judgment was deferred, and the case will be dismissed in May 2018 if he successfully completes probation, the prosecutor said.

So, they guilty cops don't go to jail. They're still among us normal non-convicted, non-criminals. And so are their next victims.

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