Monday, June 19, 2017

only 24 miles on this garage find dragster, raced in the 70s, then left in the garage until after the orig owner died. He wasn't rich, and traded engineering on GM heads for go fast goodies

this 71 Vette was parked after only 24 miles of racing. Why? What the hell causes anyone to pay for a new drag racing car, then park it for good before they are done on the payments? Possibly the rules changes at NHRA which pissed off a lot of Modified Production class racers, some were committed to heads up, and refused to switch to bracket racing

not going to cause many people to wonder what's buried in the hoarders garage, am I right?

the aluminum block? A spare ZL1 from the stuff laying around at GM.

See, the drag racer happened to be too far under the drag racing poverty line to support his habit. He traded GM head and some piston design work for hi po parts

the original tow vehicle was matching.

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