Friday, June 23, 2017

Sweet camper trailer, and with a cool funky 50's table lamp

that is a cool funky 50s lamp!

reminds me of that incredible trailer, the Geographic,  and that seems to be because the same company made them.

one of the most beautiful designs I've seen, the Geographic:

David H. Holmes, maker of Holiday House trailers, had envisioned the first luxurious Trailer for the Rich with amenities of a fine home on the road. The unique "Model X" is fully protected by patent pending. Holmes retained Lawrence McCane of the Industrial Design Affiliates, Beverly Hills, California, who has achieved national prominence for his brilliant work in industrial design, and who had been one key to Holmes' development of the aluminum - plywood line of Holiday House trailers.

 To help Holmes bring the new exciting fiber glassed trailer to realization, McCane enlisted Robert B. Brophy, one of the nations few experts in missile and satellite fiberglass, to engineer and produce molds for this assembly-line fiber glassed honeycomb prototype model which, as McCane describes it is "ten years ahead of the trailer industry in concept, design and construction principles."

In 1958 and during the preliminary design phase, this Trailer was named “Star Craft”. Later and during its marketing it was referred to as Model ”X”, and finally it was introduced to the public as “Geographic”.

 In February of 1960, the completed Showroom Model of “GEOGRAPHIC”, one of the five-manufactured Fiberglass Coach Trailers was shipped to Van Nuys, California to be introduced to the world during one of the largest trailer shows in the country.

 It is assumed that due to its expensive price tag of $8,495 (In 1960 you could buy a house for $13,000), no units were sold and finally in 1962 the Showroom Model was sold to Joyce Woodin, the Showroom manager for $5,000.

 She kept all the original sales; service receipts and brochures that came with this magnificent trailer as well as a complete set of Mel Mac dishes. After her death, in February 1995, her sister sold the trailer for a few hundred Dollars to a residence of Green Valley, California.

for a gallery of the inside of the Geographic:

Super Bob mentioned in the comments that the bottom photo, the Geographic that I posted in 2015, was a Holiday House special build. So I looked over in Facebook, and there is a page for Holiday House trailers  enjoy!


  1. All three of these shots are of Holiday House trailers. Both models are rare, but the HH Geographic (bottom pic) only knows two survivors. The Geo in the photo is now in Europe, the only other known is being restored by Flyte Camp in Bend, Ore.

    1. I don't know about Holiday Houses, but the top two are of an El Ray, and the bottom one I looked back into the archives for, yup, Geographic, for a compare and contrast. Thanks for the info on the Geo! It's my favorite!

  2. >>>"but the top two are of an El Ray"

    Well, you're the expert, not me. On a related note: I see you posted some pics I took of an Airfloat with a Slimp dolly. I really enjoy the quirk factor in these dollies, here's my collection of old dolly ads you may find interesting. If you see anything you want to share, go for it.
    Even feel free to label them as a product of El Rey if you want, but at least spell it correctly.

    1. Like I said, ElRay. Now, I'm no expert, I just post the pretty pictures and not so people will get irritable and argumentative, see? Click the link, 6th photo. I've said a thousand times I'm just the ape with the keyboard, pounding furiously, looking at the pretty pictures and sharing them. I make more mistakes than you can imagine, and spend about a half hour a day fixing them, no lie. 28,500 posts in 10 and a half years, and every day I go and fix mistakes, add to old posts, rewrite stuff for accuracy, etc etc. If I bungled yet another post, or title, it's to be expected. I don't claim to know a damn thing, I just work from what I find, and that's why every post has the source of my material so you all can take it up with whoever put the stuff online for a bumbler like me to find, get excited by, and then repost.