Thursday, June 22, 2017

2018 Demons. They've been allocated, so go preorder yours now... Yesterday was day one of dealerships ordering from the factory. Don't screw around if you want one, it's a one year car. 3300 will be made, 300 for Canada, 3000 for USA

the dealership I work at is getting 5, plus how ever many we buy from other dealerships. If it works like the Hellcats arrival, they will come in slow, a now and then type of thing (special transporters so they aren't stolen or damaged)

and the word is that they are bottom line 90 thou for a dealership to buy. Yup. That's what the factory charges a dealership.

The intended mark up per car is 5 thousand dollars.

The real profit on each and every one is around 30-50 thousand depending on individual factors like desperation for example, aka how much a buyer wants to acquire one.

Other dealerships are already offering Demons for 30 thou over MSRP to sell to a dealership that wants to buy their allocated Demons. This sets the market value at 120k at a minimum, the way I see it.

Would a dealership part with one for less to make nice with a long term customer that buys a new car a year? Maybe. But when you consider that a new 300 only gets about 4 thou in profit, and a new Jeep Grand Cherokee is about 4 k of profit, a dealership can make a lot of profit per sale on each Demon.

Regardless, if you actually have to have one, don't screw around with the dealership, cut a check, nail one down as yours. Screw around and you'll be left in the cold and have to settle for a used Hellcat

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