Tuesday, May 09, 2017

While on a recent mountain bike trek in Slovakia, photographer Dušan and his friend had a brief but terrifying encounter with a large brown bear.


  1. Nope, I dont believe it at all...
    First, these things always happen on some shaky video.
    Second, the bear "runs" away from the trail, and both these guys stop. The first guy turns around and starts walking back? If you take some guesstimates, the bear is about 30 feet from them at this point.

    1. 30 feet and heading downhill. Yup, if he headed further downhill, that bear would be waiting for him after having taken the direct through the woods shortcut. I grew up in bear country, black bears of Michigan, and was told that if possible when chased, run uphill, it might be the only advantage you have against a 4 legged running machine, that you are only 2 legged and lighter and might outrun him going uphill.
      True, shaky video, but.. looks real.