Wednesday, May 10, 2017

oh happy times indeed


  1. That's funny. ;)

  2. Better than that, I have a manual cutout on my little v8 and my son puts that face too when I open it up .

    1. awesome! I had cutouts added to the muscle car I had in the 90s, but I had to pull over, wrench the nut's off the studs, and put the caps and buts away, then get back to driving... it really took all the fun out of it. Next time I'm getting an electric cutout gadget. Push the button for roar, push the button for quiet. THAT's going to be cool!

  3. Years back working swing shift @ Boeing's Plant #2...My headers had screw-on /off covers...Plenty of fun starting in the tunnel under the Seattle convention center..No traffic..or much..start in 1st>>>>>>>>4th!...No coppers around at 1 A.M....