Thursday, May 11, 2017

Steve finds the darndest things, "Trublpruf" tires on a Fordson tractor

Photo by FCA photographer Leslie Jones, 1950

Remember Trublpruf tires? From the Lambert Tire Company  found on Shorpy years ago


  1. Nothing new in the auto world, 70 years later, the tweel

  2. Years ago I saw an original Ad for 1932 Fords.
    It showed the "Fordor Sedan" and the "Tudor Sedan".
    Knowing it was to appease the illiterate at a time when it was a common problem. I figured it was just Two Door and Four Door made simple.

    To this day...There are still a sizable number of people here willing to argue with you ..

    Hey, that's a nice Two Door.
    No, ...its a Tudor.
    A Tudor?
    Yes, its a Tudor Sedan.
    Really? Not a Two Door Sedan?
    No...Tudor...Its a Tudor Sedan!

    Now....Why Henry Ford would feel the need to name a body style after a 15th century aristocratic movement started by Henry VII is beyond me.....

    Thank god they never sold Trouble Pruff Tires here.

    1. I always got a laugh over the Tudor and Fordor names, Henry must have had a soft side we never saw, but somehow he let that happen...