Tuesday, May 09, 2017

in the back window of the new Jeep Compass

Nessie seems to be the followup to the Sasquatch / Yeti in the back window of the Jeep Compass

What can they use to follow these up with though? The Hodag? Pegasus? Minotaur?


  1. what is it supposed to mean?

    1. Well, in the back of the new Renegade, they have the Sasquatch. So, the Nessie is the 2nd fictional critter that lives off the grid, out in the world of adventure. That's my hypothesis. I posted the easter eggs before, and Mopar is getting pretty cool with them. 1941 Willys Jeep, Challenger and Sasquatch, and the new Demon has a Challenger with a cloud of tire smoke behind it, the mini van's of Mopar history in the new Pacifica... good stuff.

    2. yeah, neat stuff. Nice to see a little fun and imagination going on. I just didn't see a connection between a snakey dragon creature and Jeep.
      Was just at the local Jeep dealer picking up my Grand Cherokee from service. They have a new Compass on the lot but I didn't look close enough to see this. Will have to go look again.