Tuesday, May 09, 2017

An 84 year old pilot landed on a 74 year old guy mowing grass in Taylorville North Carolina once.

A small plane crash-landed right onto a man riding a lawn mower, chopping off his hand.

Edward Eugene Sisson, the 84-year-old pilot of the single-engine plane, collided with a lawn mower operator while landing at North Carolina’s Taylorsville Airport Saturday afternoon.

Sisson is an experienced pilot who was flying in from Crossville, Tenn., to visit family in Taylorsville, State Highway Patrol Sergeant Brian Owenby told the Daily News.

The airman was traveling east toward a grass landing strip at the small privately-owned airport. His unlucky victim, 74-year-old John Rufty, was also traveling east on his lawn mower.

The airport doesn't have a traffic controller, so there was no one to warn Rufty about the incoming plane.

"(Rufty) wouldn't have been able to hear or see the plane coming," Owenby said. "And the pilot was unable to see the driver until just before impact."


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