Monday, May 08, 2017

A history of taxis, and cabman stands, in England

the little green houses like the one in the photo below, were thought of in the mid 1870s, as someone was required by law to stay with the horse and buggy, no matter the temperature or weather.

Well, some would pay a local kid to watch the rig, and go hang out in a pub for warmth, a couple pints, and some hot food.

Right up until, as the legend goes, a local newspaper guy who happened to be a rich Baronet, and retired Capt, wanted a ride home, and all the cabbies were too drunk to drive.

So, he fired up the aristocracy and changed the way things were done. He had these green cabman stands built so cabbies would stay out of the pubs, be sober, and always be able to give him a ride home.

Only about a dozen still exist... but if you're ever around London, now you'll know what they are and why.

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