Wednesday, May 10, 2017

4 items of trick photography are in this photo, a 1930 Popular Science game. Nov 1930 issue

Considering that it's not likely for us to even know what they are doing with the other things in the image, just 80 years later, I doubt anyone will spot the 4 pieces of trick photography that are things in the wrong places or somehow not correct for the scene.

A lot has changed in 80 years, they could be referring to the type of shoes commonly used, or the fact that the guy is kneeling wrong for a left handed guy. Who knows... it's possible that they messed with something like the garage doors in a way that we wouldn't understand... like maybe back in the 30s the left door always went in front when slid open, and the right hand door ought to be in back.

Or maybe they meant that a car of that make and model would have gas headlights, and should have the Calcium Carbonate storage on the passenger side of the car, on the running board, instead of the drivers side.

History. Lots of common things have been lost.

I think I've found 3 things they messed with in the photo though

Nov 1930 Popular Science monthly

December 1930 Popular Science


  1. 2 I noticed are - the front pillar of the car passenger side seems like it's missing, and the downspout on the garage goes directly in front of the door.

  2. Found a couple: The door pillar for the front glass is missing. There is a drain for the gutters off the garage in the middle of the door. The door handles are too high for a Ford of that era.

    Did everyone where ties to work on cars in that era?

    1. Everyone wore ties, and hats. The amount of pay, vs expenses, was in the workers favor. They may not have had a ridiculous amount of disposable income, but, the things that they bought were built better, and lasted longer, and cost a lot less vs the hourly wage they made. Seriously, a single income could buy a house, and support a wife and kids, and still buy a car, and a boat, and have money left over for food... all without credit cards.
      Those are the 3 I found also. I just added another image from the next issue of the magazine

  3. Lead vehicle is missing its right front wheel and fender.

  4. The down spout is most of the way towards towards high end of the run, instead of the lower end

  5. The hood lift handle is at the top not the bottom of the louvered panel.

  6. Signage over door of restaurant is backwards and upside down.

  7. lets stick to the car stuff because nothing else matters. 1930 Ford Model A 4 door sedan. Both front A pillars are missing, door handles and door lock are too high, sun visor is missing and the hood louvers are horizontal and should be vertical.

  8. Door handles, hood louvers make up the four on the top one.
    Lower is window on building is sideways, car has no wheels on the right, pharmacy sign is upside down, and the shadow of the man in the street is standing upright.... not to mention that dude is not getting that in there any time soon.

  9. I noticed the windshield pillar, high door handles, and I think the hood louvers should be vertical, plus the downspout.