Wednesday, May 17, 2017

whatever they would advertise their product would solve, was the common complaint about cars for the time... damn, we've come a long way

If a hill makes you say "Will she do it?" - you're in the wrong car. Hills should be the drama of touring, a quickened rhythm of excitement as the road rises - a long effortless sweep of power that carries you past the gearshifters, the panting engines that haven't quite enough. 

The Flying Cloud has taken pet bad hills from Maine to California, from Canada to the Gulf. Show her the wickedest one in your neighborhood... and she won;t be happy till she has the crest under her wheels

Then take her down, gunshot swift and safe as a church, and park her in front of the smarted hotel you know. Nothing can shake her savoir faire. She's a thoroughbred - from her engine out. REO Motor Car Co. lansing Michigan

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