Sunday, May 14, 2017

Do you love "against the odds" movies? Do you dig Bonneville racers? Maybe you'll give this one a push toward it's goal. 2 women from Hamburg are trying to make a movie about Al Teague, Jack Costella, Dennis Varni, and Duane McKinney

Speedweek begins August 12th 2017!

The girls (their word, not mine) are a filmmaking duo, consisting of director/photographer Alexandra Lier and producer Laia Gonzalez.

 Alexandra Lier's obsession with fast cars, customs, racing and its culture began back in 1999 when she first visited Bonneville for Speedweek. Every year she travels to at least one land speed racing event, camera in hand, to document the people and the cars. She drives a 67 Barracuda, and spent 10 years making the book Speeseekers

 Laia Gonzalez has been making films her whole life. She started her professional career in TV production, moved on to Advertising with particular focus on the automotive industry. In recent years, she has further specialized on her passion for documentary.

Their Kickstarter goal is to raise the money to film and produce this documentary, and so far, they have some support and help from the Poteets, Teagues, and Danny Thompson - just to drop a few names that I recognized

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