Monday, May 15, 2017

Justice League preview... Batman has some cool new vehicles, like this Knightcrawler / Night Crawler

but nothing is going to be funnier than Lego Batman

The new thing Batman uses is called the Knightcrawler

Created by Wayne for the military a long time ago, the Knightcrawler can crawl on the ground like a tank and then transform into a spider crawl.

On all fours, the vehicle is 25-30 feet in height, and the legs can puncture into almost any surface. In Justice League the vehicle is used in a sequence which takes place in an abandoned tunnel which was being constructed in the 1930s to connect Gotham City to Metropolis. This is a vehicle completely new to the Batman universe. Storyline-wise, the vehicle was created by Wayne Technology for the military in the 1960s and adopted by Batman for his needs.

 The Flying Fox is how Batman transports the other Justice League team members around. The Flying Fox can also fit a vehicle in it so Batman can bring the Batmobile onto the Flying Fox. On one of the sets, they built the cockpit practically of the Flying Fox and we took a peak inside of it.

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