Tuesday, May 16, 2017

cool truck and trailer in Pomeroy Washington at the private collection known as the Lost Highway Museum (not open to the public)

Thanks David!

If you click on the link to look around, you'll probably not be surprised to find that this collector is nuts about neon signs, and too old to do anything with the things he collects.

Currently he's gotten 15 of his neon signs hung around town, to make the town a bit more like towns looked back in the 50s.

He has plans to hang another 40

Both knees replaced 2 years ago, and then one thing or another and nothing makes progress. (his words, not mine). It's the irony of old age, some finally have the money to blow on fun stuff, but they are too damn old and out of shape or just simply in bad health, to enjoy being rich



  1. Jesse..Thanks for digging in and finding more information than I was able to find...I find it pays to hit the back roads and discovering these treasures.
    The rigs and the people behind them...

    1. it's thanks to you I even looked into it!