Friday, May 19, 2017

Lunch wagons, because it's lunch and I was wondering what cool ones used to look like

King's lunch wagon concession outside the Warner Brothers lot, where Bette Davis ordered fried potatoes. King mentioned that one of his lunch wagons appeared in the 1932 film "I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang."

William King worked in Hollywood in the silent era as an assistant director, the last film he worked on was the 1925 silent "Wizard of Oz." He quit the film business in approximately 1927 to run the lunch wagon concession.

The first diner is believed to be created in 1872, by a man named Walter Scott. He decided to sell food out of a horse-pulled wagon to employees of the local businesses. Scott’s diner can be considered the first diner with “walk up” windows that were located on each side of the wagon (just like us). Commercial production of lunch wagons began in 1887, by Thomas Buckley.

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