Thursday, April 20, 2017

What is the oldest race track? Roman Coliseums had the first purpose built race tracks for wheeled vehicles, but currently in use horse racing tracks go back 403 years.

The first closed-circuit automobile race was held on July 25, 1899 at the Branford Park horse track in New Haven, Connecticut

Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa, is the oldest racing venue, and one of the most prestigious, in the United States. It was built in the late 1800s at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Iowa. It was built for a horse-racing track, just like the Milwaukee Mile. Although sanctioned races were not held until 1914, one automobile race was held in 1901.

The Milwaukee Mile is the second-oldest motor racing track in the world still in existence, with racing being held there since 1903.
It was not purposely built for motor racing, however. It started as a one-mile (1.6 km) horse-racing track in the 19th century.

From 1903 to 1914, a one-mile dirt oval track was run on Brunots Island, just south of Pittsburgh on the Ohio River. Louis Chevrolet won the AAA Champion car in 1905.

Aspendale Racecourse opened on 14 April 1891 for racing horses
The Automobile Club of Victoria used the horse racing track 'Aspendale Park', Victoria on 12 March, 1904 for a steam car race.
In 1905 the infield was remade to be a better race track for racing cars, steam rollers were used, and the local newspaper  The Moorabbin News, reported on it 28 October 1905. and the club printed invited stating "the special motor racing track"  at Aspendale Park on Monday, January 29th 1906

The first regular auto racing venue was Nice, France, run in late March 1897, as a "Speed Week" most types of racing events were invented here, including the first hill climb (Nice – La Turbie) and a sprint that was, in spirit, the first drag race..

New York State Fairgrounds Racetrack Syracuse New York 1903

California State Fairgrounds Race Track Sacramento California 1907

Brooklands first opened back in June 16th, 1907 in the UK, two years before the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Brooklands, in Surrey, was the first purpose-built motor racing venue, opening in June 16th 1907.

The first board track for motor racing was the circular Los Angeles Motordrome, built in 1910

The started racing at Le Mans in 1923

Chariot races were happening in Rome in 753 BC. Circus Maximus. It was added to the Olympics in 680 BC

Doncaster in England opened a track in 1614.
The earliest important race in Doncaster's history was the Doncaster Gold Cup, first run over Cantley Common in 1766. The Doncaster Cup is the oldest continuing regulated horse race in the world

India's first racecourse was set up in Madras in 1777

Champs de Mars in Mauritius opened in 1812. It's a horse racing track

Freehold Raceway  New Jersey, 1839 Despite steadily approaching its third century, the oldest harness racing track in the USA

Saratoga Race Course is home to several of the most important races in North America. Since 1864, the track has been the site of the Travers Stakes, the oldest major thoroughbred horse race in the United States.

The longest automobile race in history, with Paris as the finish line, was the 1908 New York to Paris Race. 22,000 miles


  1. Unfortunately, the 1 mile track at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse was demolished last year. Harness racing isnt what it use to be, and the state worked out a backdoor deal with the owners of Dirt to replace it with a 1/2 mile track. Super Dirt Week was a regular event at the "Syracuse Mile"