Wednesday, April 19, 2017

two months late, but finally here! RJ Anderson's XP1K4. As always, skip the first minute as no one can edit for shit

Well, I think, they didn't come through with enough to satisfy expectations.

3 cool tricks in 3 minutes, after 6 months of hype? Not good enough.

The wall of death with access from under to inside it? Very cool. The underground tunnel jump, cool. The backflip? meh.

Summed up, adequate, not impressive.

#2 was better,

and #3 was stunningly far better


  1. I do believe it is 3 months late. I was supposed to air JAN 17th.

    1. HA! You got me laughing, I can't recall now... 2 or 3, I believe the sob didn't even start making the video until after his promo team said it would be released, and then was surprised by how much rain we had here in San Diego, and had to wait until his course dried out a bit.