Monday, April 17, 2017

last month I ran a post, why don't school busses have seat belts. Some said because they are so safe they don't need them. Lemme, ask again... why don't they all have seat belts?

Correction, why don't they all have seatbelts in all the seats. Obviously the woman who is thrown across the middle aisle isn't wearing one, and wow, she is going to have whiplash tomorrow. Looks like she bit her lip too.

Yup, the kids in the row of seats behind her do have seatbelts on, proving my point about seatbelt safety on buses. They need them. Buses aren't inherently safe enough without belts. 


  1. This bus is fully equipped with seat belts. You can see them hanging over the seat backs in most of the seats. The child in the seat behind the buss assistant is wear one, and so is the child in the child seat across from her.

    1. Not fully, the woman who is thrown across the middle isn't sitting in a seat with one. But yes, some seats are equipped that way, just not the one the woman was bounced out of. My mistake! However... do you see my point that I made last time, and this time, that busses should indeed have seat belts?

  2. what I want to know is what the hell was the trucker thinking?