Wednesday, April 19, 2017

they only offered the 440 6 pack in chargers in 1970, and only 86 were made, only 29 had a stick shift, and only this one was hopped up by the Don Garlits speed shop

After getting into the Army with the 82 Airborne, just in time for Vietnam, Chris Rodrigues was so impressed with the cars in the movie Bullitt that he went to the local Dodge dealership and checked off the boxes to have a special RT/SE 440 six pack Super Trak Pack Charger get assembled for him.

He took delivery the day after Christmas, 1969, and after raising some hell with it, had his sister car sit it for him, and bring it over to the Garlits speed shop, and then he went to college, used it for commuting and carpooling, and eventually put it up in the garage.

His son never got a ride in it. Born too late to ride in it before it became a permanent garage fixture, he only heard of it's many troubles with carbs, heads, etc... as Chris had a couple false starts over the 24 years of storing it and hoping to get it back on the road.

Then the son found a wonderful woman, planned a wedding, etc, and mentioned to his bride how cool it would be to get a ride from church to reception in the garage Dodge. She mentioned THAT tidbit of information to her soon to be mom in law, who told Chris he now had a deadline, a blank check, and a mission

POW, that lit a firecracker. And before you is the result, rebuilt, refreshed, and probably louder than churchbells as it broke silence for the first time in Chris's son's life to pull up to the front of the church to whisk of the newlyweds.

TTI headers, Edelbrock heads with a port n polish, Comp cams, MSD ignition, 2 1/2 inch exhaust, x pipe, and Dynomax mufflers.... must sound fantastic.


  1. However there were 232 chances to own a 330 horse 440 6 by way of Jensen Motors in their Interceptor in 1971.

    1. Huh... I didn't know they made the 440 6 in the Interceptor, I thought they used 383s!

  2. In '71 only.
    1970 383's were rated at 270 hp, but in '71 they were only 250hp.
    Jensen went shopping at Chrysler and bought up two 440's. A 4BBL @305 hp, or a 6 Pak @ 330 hp.
    By '72 the 6 Pak was no longer offered and the 440 was only rated @280 hp.
    The owners manual for a '71 440 6 says not too accelerate too heavily at 120 mph as you will spin the tyres.

    1. wow. Spin at 120... sheesh!
      I did talk to a guy at a car show about his INterceptor, rarely seen in California, and he said he got it when a guy died, and his sons were too fat to fit in it. So they sold it cheap

  3. Thank God for fat kids!
    1 down, 12 to least one has a 4 speed.


    Toward the middle of the article is a picture of his speed shop in Tampa on Main Street that sold parts to the public. He closed it in the mid 70's when he moved to Ocala. The museum is awesome. His wife has passed away since this article was written.