Wednesday, April 19, 2017

costs of racing in Nascar, with Ford, 1969-70

when Iacocca ordered a complete audit of all Fomoco racing operations in 1969 Holman and Moody was found to be TEN (10) millions dollars short. Bud Moore, BTW, only had one tank of gas unaccounted for in his audit.,63521.625.html


  1. Not being critical Jesse, just FYI. The race team is actually Holman-Moody. Also, take a look at the Wikipedia entry for them. The list of drivers is really incredible! I had no idea.

    1. Typing while tired... I known it's Holman, and I know how tired I usually am when typing... and that was a tired typo. Yes, they had the very best, and they raced in a lot of various venues, not just Nascar. Well, shoot, great post idea! Thanks!