Friday, April 21, 2017

ordered by a very determined young man, he had it only months before getting drafted for Nam, and left for the jungle after putting 15,000 on the Z/28. It only has 15692 now

See, he put racing parts on it at 15442 miles, and it's not streetable anymore. He's driven in 140 miles since 1978.

After the Z/28 was converted to a Service Component car, it was no longer suitable for everyday street driving. The competition metallic brakes have to be warmed up before they will really stop the car. The full-race Second Design cam and valvetrain are lumpy. The cross-ram dual quad intake from Smokey Yunicks parts auction is really strictly for racing. The twin 600 carbs have no chokes, so it’s a bear to start the car.

But he still has the car he ordered in Dec 1968

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