Monday, April 03, 2017

to reveal the newish face of the 2018 Mustang, FoMoCo asked Dwayne Johnson to present one to a deserving person. Damn it, they know how to inspire free publicity

Ford Motor Company partners asked  Dwayne Johnson to unveil the never seen before, brand new 2018 Ford Mustang to the world.

As their Ambassador, he and Ford compiled a big list of US veterans and from that list, he chose Army combat vet and Purple Heart recipient, Marlene Rodriguez to surprise and give it away to her.


  1. How very humbling. How very kind. Dwayne is A-1, and Marlene a champion.

    1. yup. Makes me glad I have a soap box to stand on to share this type of thing.
      I did consider though, today, that I might be posting too many charity things.
      It's only a thought, and I'm sure it will soon go away... but I actually think about the types of content, and amounts, and now and then ponder if I'm overdoing one type, and not enough others...
      I didn't do that before that idiot bitched about too many WW2 bombers.
      I still laugh at my childish full day of boat posts just to piss him off

      oh well

    2. I think you handle your blog very well Jesse, and I think you know well how to post things with wheels that are cool.