Friday, April 07, 2017

Meet the twins, built together, bought together, stored and sold together.... finally, someone's lifelong commitment to purchasing a cool car for investment paid off, and it wasn't Vettes or Vipers (neither have appreciated in value) it was Buick Grand Nationals

One car had 592 miles, the other 807 miles
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This story doesn't divulge the selling price, but does state that the owner wanted 200 thou for the pair. Compare that to the ZR 1 that sold at Barrrett Jackson for 39 thou. Roughly the same year made, roughly the same miles, and both are GM cars... but the Buicks are two to three times more appreciated, in demand, and valued.


  1. What's with these people that store cars for years in hopes of later selling them for profit, has anyone ever heard of a car cover! Every barn find, even people that know they have something never cover the car!