Monday, April 03, 2017

Someone commented about the Challenger stripes, and laid a treasure at my feet, the Camaro Stripes!

Starting with what most of 1st think of when you talk about 1969 Camaro stripes: two thick stripes that ran along the hood and deck lid of the Z/28. Those two stripes were on the Z/28 only, while the SS cars got a stripe painted around the nose.

 Funny how most have come to regard the stereo stripes on the hood and trunk as SS stripes, but in actuality they were really for the Z/28. We are probably stuck on the similar Chevelle SS stripes as the "SS" stripe look...

 But my little ol brain was cooked when I saw all the rest of the cool stripes you could have on a Camaro!

the Chevy Hockey Stripe "D90" option (Mopars were cooler with the flipped direction and engine size numbers)

The DX1

Now this is a 1968 Camaro of course, but, just for full coverage of stripes, I'm including it. It's the "mustache" stripe, that was the D 90 for 1968 or L48 option

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