Monday, April 03, 2017

Dodge Ram presents an interview with Norman Reedus. Why Dodge? No idea. What's the interviewer got to do with trucks? Chrysler Fiat or Dodge? Again, no idea, nothing is ever mentioned how he got them to fund his pet project

Skip the first 52 seconds.

"The celebrities chosen to be interviewed were selected due to the reflecting the rugged and free-spirited nature of the Ram Rebel."  is what I found written to explain the photographer getting this cool set up.

I suspect is has a bit more to do with Dodge wanting Norman Reedus seen with their truck though.

I've heard of a lot of great photographers, and there are no doubt many more (like whoever this guy is) that I haven't heard of... but Patrick Hoelk has never popped up on my radar as a name or a photographer. Something new learned every day, right?

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