Sunday, December 11, 2016

This “reverse cam” Cragar Model A ’29 body on an original ’29 chassis was built by Bill Kenz (of Kenz and Leslie fame) in 1934.

The story is that Kenz gave away the engine and chassis after a friend of his died in a crash driving the original roadster. A friend of Art’s picked up these parts in the ’70s. He recently passed away and the family gave them to Art Jennings.

The reverse-cam system gives the banger four intakes and two exhausts instead of vice versa. Kenz even handbuilt the manifold on this motor. Winfield carbs get this motor fed, and a stock Model A trans does the shifting.

Art threw in a set of modern seats for comfort. He has the original seats back home if the need arises to toss them back in.

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