Monday, December 12, 2016

the Verdal 5 cylinder radial bikes, a combo of Packer bikes and Verdal airplane engines

1912 VERDEL 750cc OHV 5 cylinder Radial engine Vintage Motorcycle , Very Rare Motorcycle .Verdel manufactured airplane engines in the UK, but never motorcycles. Packard built motorcycles in the UK and from what I understand, this was a union between the two to build such a bike. No original Verdels are known to exist. There are only three or four "fake" Verdels, however, they're built using the same frame geometry and engines as the originals

The Verdel and the Packer were constructed in Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK a few years back by a talented maintainance engineer. Both the Verdel and the Packer were sold to Sammy Miller Museum as such. Verdel did exist but made aircraft engines, no records exist, Packer did exist as motorcycle manufcaturer but again no information exists.

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