Friday, December 16, 2016

racing in Australia with Group 7 cars (Can Am type) in 1968, (to get to the race, skip the 1st 4 minutes, but watch from the start to learn a lot)

thanks Burkey!


  1. This is very cool! One thing I must have missed, why do they have spare tire???

    1. there was a rule in some racing event that a car must carry a spare... I posted about it a few months ago... lemme see if I can find that

    2. Couldn't find it... something to do with racing a "sports car" and not a "race car" if I recall right. A sports car would actually have a spare, and a race car would have a pit crew. So to keep race cars out of some racing series they made a rule that it must carry a spare, and bingo, they just forced racing cars to carry spares instead of racing teams to bring sports cars. The Daytona Cobras carried spares, for example

    3. Huh! I've been a motor racing fan all my life and I didn't even know that! That is great, thanks for the info! That Ferrari with a spare hanging in the back is so glorious!

    4. we are fortunate, we can enjoy the past 110 years of everything that has been raced, and look forward to all the various new things to race today and whatever is invented in the future... now that we can see it all from the comfort of home if we can't get to the race when it happens

    5. by the way, I've been a gear head, knuckle buster, grease monkey car enthusiast for a couple decades, and every darn day I'm amazed at the stuff I learn and have never heard of. This is the coolest hobby ever