Sunday, December 11, 2016

at 160 mph, it took flight, and the landing took the tires right off it

Tom McEwen and Lou Baney shoehorned a blown Hemi on 80 percent nitro into the backseat of a ’65 Barracuda, and off they went to Lions Drag Strip.

"We didn't know about shapes and spoilers," McEwen said. "We were making short test passes and shutting off, and we kept going faster and faster. At about 160 mph, it had enough air going underneath and over the top that it created lift and took off. I could see the fence posts and pole going by. I shut off and pulled the chutes, then it twisted and came down on its side, then rolled on its roof. It skidded on its roof and ground through the roof to the roll bar and set the headliner on fire."

Thanks Steve!


  1. I think it was doing wheel stands with some TV guy on board.

  2. More info on it here Jesse: