Friday, December 16, 2016

lucky kids, they got to hit up Barris for yearbook ads!

Tell me that isn't the most obscure advertising thing you've ever heard of Barris doing! He didn't miss ANY opportunity to advertise.

I know I looked through my entire year book once, the day I got it. After that, every now and then I looked up someones last name, or what class they were in... but everyone forgot the goldmine of awesome cars in the photo advertising in the back of the high school year books. Shelby Cobras, GT 350s, GT 500s, 427 Corvettes, dragsters, Super Bees, Road Runners, Super Birds, Chevelles, Mustangs, Camaros, AMXs, and odd stuff like the rare speed shop (Carroll Shelby Auto Center, Goodies - which had a photo with Linda Vaughn put into that yearbook!), legendary dealerships (Galpin, Berger, Dana etc) or custom car companies like Barris.

I copied the best of them, and you can save yourself some time by clicking on  instead of looking through 5 years of posts on that site... there are lots of uninteresting cars on that site too.

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